2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.1

Ukrainian online encyclopedias: development trends and place in the information space of our state

Mykola Zhelezniak
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 7–21.
AbstractThe analysis of online encyclopedias in the Ukrainian information space is done in this paper. It is investigated that online encyclopedias are divided into two large groups: digital analogues of printed editions, for example the online Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine, and independent encyclopedic web projects, among which the most popular is Wikipedia (one of the most visited sites in the Ukrainian information space). Despite the fact that electronic encyclopedias have a number of advantages, to refuse to print classical editions there are no grounds. For the development of the Ukrainian information space, it is important that any encyclopedia project aimed at making a printed product is also presented in an electronic version.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.2

Issues of description of the scientific and creative activities of persons in the Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine

Oleh Savchenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 22–28.
AbstractIn Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine, in articles about scientists there is a tendency to cover other activities, in which they have manifested themselves in addition to scien­ce. In this regard, the study traces the main problems that arise in the preparation of an article information when a person is submitting in science as well as in other activities (social activity, policy, art, literature, sports, etc.). Biographical information in articles about scientists depends on their implementation level in several areas of life.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.3

Encyclopedia publishing as a technology for promoting and propagation of human state values

Ruslan Pylypchuk
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 29–39.
AbstractEncyclopedias are studied in view of an effect of the encyclopedic information on the public opinion. It is noted that during the Soviet era, the most important encyclopedias, such as the Soviet Encyclopedia or the Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia, functioned as a strategic tool for the propaganda of communist ideo­logy, the popularization of Soviet socialism, and others like that. It is concluded that nowadays the making of national encyclopedias can be considered as an effective activity in promoting of national values in Ukrainian contemporary society.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.5

Chumachenko Viktor Kyrylovych (1956–2017): life and scientific ways of the encyclopedist from Kuban

Anatolii Avramenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 55–74.
AbstractThe article is devoted to V. Chumachenko as the philologist (literary scientist), historian and encyclopedist. The author, based on his own experience in communicating with V. Chumachenko as the one of the most prominent russian experts in Ukrainian studies as well on some sources, presents interesting biographical facts, tells about the life and scientific priorities, the most important projects of him. The general condition of the Ukrainian ethnos in the Kuban, in particular its cultural status and prospects of development is described by presentation of V. Chumachenko life and scientific ways.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.6

Kostiantyn Heorhiyovych Breslavets

Anatolii Shushkivskyi
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 75–79.
AbstractThe personological study is dedicated to Kostiantyn Breslavets who is the author of the articles of the Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine and coordinator of this work, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.10

The science and practice conference «Russian Multinational Encyclopedias: History and Modernity»

Anatolii Shushkivskyi
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 97–98.
AbstractOn October 12-13, 2017, the Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia and Regional Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan, Russia) hosted a scientific-and-practical conference "Russian multinational encyclopedics: history and modernity." The article describes this scientific event.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.11

Epistolary achievement as a source for biographic articles in EMU (Survey of some historiographic publications by Mykola Stepanenko)

Mykola Zhelezniak, Oleksandr Ishchenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 99–103.
AbstractThe survey is devoted to two publications: Stepanenko, M. (Ed.). (2016). Lysty Yuriia Shevelova do Oleksy Izarskoho. Poltava; Stepanenko, M. (Ed.). (2016). Lysty do Olesia Honchara (vol. 1-2). Kyiv.