Peer Review Process

The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine is a reviewed journal. Before peer review process there is an initial editorial assessment of submissions (checking for suitableness for the journal’s scope, general requirements, basic quality of the article, and adherence to the principles of Author Ethics).

The journal undertakes peer review, that is handled with a minimum of two experts. All types of manuscripts (Original Article, Review Article, Biography Essay, Experience Report, more: For Authors) submitted to the editorial board are subjects to peer review.

Manuscripts undergo peer-review by experts who have deep professional knowledge and experience in a particular scholarly field. They are external invitees (including from other countries), as well as members of the Editorial Board.

The journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and article submitter identities are concealed from each other, throughout the expert review process. The interaction between the author and the reviewer (reviewers) powered by the associate editor of the journal. If the reviewer recommends correcting or refining the manuscript, the associate editor sends the anonymous review text to the author to make the relevant changes. Reviewers adhere to the principles of Reviewer Ethics.