Published: 17/12/2017   2022-01-12

Ukrainian online encyclopedias: development trends and place in the information space of our state

AffiliationNASU Institute of Encyclopedic Research, Ukraine,

DOI: 10.37068/evu.8-9.1


The analysis of online encyclopedias in the Ukrainian information space is done in this paper. It is investigated that online encyclopedias are divided into two large groups: digital analogues of printed editions, for example the online Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine, and independent encyclopedic web projects, among which the most popular is Wikipedia (one of the most visited sites in the Ukrainian information space). Despite the fact that electronic encyclopedias have a number of advantages, to refuse to print classical editions there are no grounds. For the development of the Ukrainian information space, it is important that any encyclopedia project aimed at making a printed product is also presented in an electronic version.

Keywords: online encyclopedias, Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine.


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