Published: 13/11/2020   2022-01-12

Сartographic heritage of Volodymyr Kubiiovych (the case of the Historical Atlas of Ukraine)

AffiliationIvan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

DOI: 10.37068/evu.12.1


The article is devoted to the created in 1941 German-language cartographic work on Ukraine (“Handschrift-Karten zur Geschichte, Volkstumskunde und Wirtschaft der Ukraine”), known as the Historical Atlas of Ukraine. It is believed that its author is a famous geographer, encyclopedist Volodymyr Kubiiovych. However, there is reason to assume that V. Kubiiovych has nothing to do with the compilation of this atlas, as he does not cite this work in his bibliography. In this study, we suggest that the Historical Atlas of Ukraine was created not for scientific and educational purposes, but because of political inquiries. Probably, V. Kubiyovych was involved in its preparation in connection with the socio-political conditions in which the scholar found himself.

Keywords: V. Kubiiovych (Kubiyovych, Kubijovyč, Kubiĭovych, Kubijowytsch), Historical Atlas of Ukraine, “Handschrift-Karten zur Geschichte, Volks­tums­kunde und Wirtschaft der Ukraine”


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