Published: 09/12/2019   2022-01-12

On the modeling of a national encyclopedic-and-educational service

AffiliationState Institute of Family and Youth Policy, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

DOI: 10.37068/evu.11.3


The article defends the necessity to establish a national help service titled Navchannia Navprostets (Learn Direct). It would be a not-for-profit telephone line based on modern encyclopedias of Ukraine. The creation of such a service is justified by the Lifelong Learning as an international social movement, which in Ukraine is supervised by the Ukrainian Coordination Bureau of the International Public-State Program Adult Education in Ukraine. The concept of lifelong learning is upheld by the scholarly explained idea of a human ability to learn at any age. It has been identified by the Council of Europe as an important component of the social model of Europe. Accordingly, one of the tasks of the European states is to ensure the citizens’ aspirations for development and to receive lifelong education. The idea of starting up the national help service in Ukraine is based on the experience of European countries, first of all, we mean a service in the UK (Learndirect).

Keywords: encyclopedic knowledge, encyclopedias, lifelong learning, adult edu­cation, Learndirect, International Adult Learners’ Week.


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