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Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine in the challenges of today

Mykola Zhelezniak
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 7–22.
AbstractThe article is devoted to the 5th anniversary of the electronic version of the Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine (EMU) on the Internet (website: esu.com.ua). The study reveals the functions performed by the EMU can be better implemented due to its online version. These include accumulating of nationally relevant knowledge (about Ukraine, Ukrainians, Ukrainian phenomena and realities) and disseminating it in society, playing an important educational role, fos­tering patriotic feelings among Ukrainians based of this knowledge, understanding of national ideas, self-identifying, etc. The EMU website has high traffic, search engine positioning (Google), therefore, provides access to encyclopedic knowledge of a much larger audience than a printed version of this encyclopedia. The disadvantages of the online version of ESU are also highlighted. First of all, the words in the text are shortened like in paper encyclopedias, which have a reason to save space on the pages. There is also no English section. Today, English-language versions of the articles would contribute to destruct the stereotypes about Ukraine, its people, language, culture, history, etc., formed by the Soviet picture of the world (Pax Sovietica) as well as supported and deepened by followers of the Russian world (Pax Russica).
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.2

Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine vs. Wikipedia: the popularity scale in information space of Ukraine

Oleksandr Ishchenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 23–30.
AbstractThe article deals with the problems of the popularity of online encyclopedias in the nowadays information space. It is shown that the most popular in Ukraine is Wikipedia, and the academic Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine is much inferior to it in this context. The different levels of popularity these two compendiums of knowledge are explained in terms of the belonging of each of them to different types of cultures: the point here is pop culture and high culture, which differ in a priori by many indicators, including a popularity among people.
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On the modeling of a national encyclopedic-and-educational service

Serhii Boltivets
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 31–39.
AbstractThe article defends the necessity to establish a national help service titled Navchannia Navprostets (Learn Direct). It would be a not-for-profit telephone line based on modern encyclopedias of Ukraine. The creation of such a service is justified by the Lifelong Learning as an international social movement, which in Ukraine is supervised by the Ukrainian Coordination Bureau of the International Public-State Program Adult Education in Ukraine. The concept of lifelong learning is upheld by the scholarly explained idea of a human ability to learn at any age. It has been identified by the Council of Europe as an important component of the social model of Europe. Accordingly, one of the tasks of the European states is to ensure the citizens’ aspirations for development and to receive lifelong education. The idea of starting up the national help service in Ukraine is based on the experience of European countries, first of all, we mean a service in the UK (Learndirect).
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They changed the history: 125 natives of the Southern Bessarabia

Lilia Tsyganenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 40–46.
AbstractDuring the interstate scholarly project "Ukraine and Moldova: common historical memory, lessons and perspectives", the materials about the prominent personalities of science, culture and politics born in Southern Bessarabia was collected by the scientists from Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria. As a result, it was prepared and published a bilingual (Ukrainian – English) encyclopedic dictionary based on these collected materials. The encyclopedic dictionary is a unique example of cooperation between the scientists from several countries. It aims to stimulate a sense of pride among the younger generation, as well as to introduce people of different countries to our famous countrymen. This article provides background information on how to prepare this encyclopedic dictionary and highlights its content.
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.6

Pustovit Taras Pavlovych

Maryna Fedorova
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 53–57.
AbstractThe article is dedicated to Taras Pustovit who is an encyclopedia scholar, archivist, local historian, public fi­gure. This year, Taras Pustovit is celebrating his 60th anniversary. The main ways of his life are considered, achievements in local history, archival affairs, encyclopaedia publishing, public activity are showed.
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.8

Encyclopedist who has been ahead of his time (to the 125th anniversary of Yevhen Onatskyi’s birthday)

Serhii Bilokin
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 65–74.
AbstractThe article is dedicated to Yevhen D. Onatskyi who is a prominent figure of Ukraine, primarily known as an encyclopedist because of The Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia that is his most famous work. The Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia was complied and published during his stay in exile in Argentina. The study reports that The Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia has finally been reprinted in Ukraine (4 volumes are planned to be published; currently 2 volumes (2016, 2018) are already issued). In 2019, it will be 125 years since the birth and 40 years since the death of Ye. D. Onatskyi.
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.7

30th anniversary of the restored in Ukraine Shevchenko Scientific Society activities (achievements in the encyclopedic area)

Roman Kushnir, Andrii Feloniuk
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 58–64.
AbstractThe periodization of activity by the Shevchenko Scientific Society since 1873 is highlighted in the article. Much attention is paid to the recent period associated with the restoration of the Society in 1989 in Ukraine. The publishing by the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the recent period is covered; particularly the works like The Encyclopedia of Ukraine, The Encyclopedia of the Ukrainian Diaspora, The Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine, and The Encyclopedia of the Shevchenko Scientific Society are described.
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.9

Encyclopedia news – 2019

Oleh Savchenko, Oksana Davydenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 75–85.
AbstractA brief highlight of the main events of encyclopedic life in Ukraine for 2019 is given. First of all, presentations of encyclopedias are covered, as well as current fundamental encyclopedic projects of Ukraine are informed (The Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine, The Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia, Wikipedia).