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They changed the history: 125 natives of the Southern Bessarabia

AffiliationIzmail State University of Humanities, Izmail, Ukraine

The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine
, vol. 11, pp. 4046

Abstract: During the interstate scholarly project "Ukraine and Moldova: common historical memory, lessons and perspectives", the materials about the prominent personalities of science, culture and politics born in Southern Bessarabia was collected by the scientists from Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria. As a result, it was prepared and published a bilingual (Ukrainian – English) encyclopedic dictionary based on these collected materials. The encyclopedic dictionary is a unique example of cooperation between the scientists from several countries. It aims to stimulate a sense of pride among the younger generation, as well as to introduce people of different countries to our famous countrymen. This article provides background information on how to prepare this encyclopedic dictionary and highlights its content.

Keywords: encyclopedic dictionary, Southern Bessarabia, politicians, mili­tary, scientists, writers, artists.


Tsyganenko, L. & Mustyatse, S. (Eds.). (2019). They changed history (125 natives of South Bessarabia): Encyclopedic Dictionary. Izmail, Chișinău [in Ukrainian].

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