Lifelong working for Ukraine: Roksolana Zorivchak (1934–2018)

Affiliation  Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine
Year: 2019
Volume: 11
Pages: 4752

Abstract: The article is dedicated to 85th Anniversary of Professor Roksolana Zorivchak. The focus is her life as well as public and academic activities.

Keywords: Roksolana Zorivchak, translation studies, encyclopaedias, Lviv Uni­versity, Shevchenko Scientific Society.


Zalizniak, B. (2016, March 31). Professor Roksolana Zorivchak: “I am used to living without days-off”. Slovo Prosvity. Retrieved October 10, 2019, from­ya-zvikla-zhiti-bez-vixidnix [in Ukrainian].
Full text

Nakonechnyi, O. H. Cherednychenko, O. I. (2018). In memo­ry of professor, academician Roksolana Zorivchak (8.11.1934 – 16.10.2018). Inozemna filolohiya, 131, 177-177. doi: [in Ukrainian]. Full text

Taras Shmiher. (2019). "Lifelong working for Ukraine: Roksolana Zorivchak (1934–2018)". The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine.

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