2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.8

Encyclopedist who has been ahead of his time (to the 125th anniversary of Yevhen Onatskyi’s birthday)

Serhii Bilokin
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 65–74.
AbstractThe article is dedicated to Yevhen D. Onatskyi who is a prominent figure of Ukraine, primarily known as an encyclopedist because of The Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia that is his most famous work. The Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia was complied and published during his stay in exile in Argentina. The study reports that The Small Ukrainian Encyclopedia has finally been reprinted in Ukraine (4 volumes are planned to be published; currently 2 volumes (2016, 2018) are already issued). In 2019, it will be 125 years since the birth and 40 years since the death of Ye. D. Onatskyi.
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.7

30th anniversary of the restored in Ukraine Shevchenko Scientific Society activities (achievements in the encyclopedic area)

Roman Kushnir, Andrii Feloniuk
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 58–64.
AbstractThe periodization of activity by the Shevchenko Scientific Society since 1873 is highlighted in the article. Much attention is paid to the recent period associated with the restoration of the Society in 1989 in Ukraine. The publishing by the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the recent period is covered; particularly the works like The Encyclopedia of Ukraine, The Encyclopedia of the Ukrainian Diaspora, The Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine, and The Encyclopedia of the Shevchenko Scientific Society are described.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.10

The science and practice conference «Russian Multinational Encyclopedias: History and Modernity»

Anatolii Shushkivskyi
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 97–98.
AbstractOn October 12-13, 2017, the Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia and Regional Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan, Russia) hosted a scientific-and-practical conference "Russian multinational encyclopedics: history and modernity." The article describes this scientific event.