2020-11-13  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.12.5

Petro Rotach’s contribution to Ukrainian encyclopediography, literary studies, and local lore studies

Maryna Fedorova
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2020, vol. 12, pp. 58–64.
Abstract2020 marks the 95th anniversary of Petro Rotach who is the famous Ukrainian writer from Poltava region. But his life way was ended in 2007. This article is devoted to the description of Petro Rotach’s main achievements in humanities like literary studies, local lore studies, encyclopedia publishing, in which he made significant contributions.
2019-12-09  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.11.6

Pustovit Taras Pavlovych

Maryna Fedorova
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2019, vol. 11, pp. 53–57.
AbstractThe article is dedicated to Taras Pustovit who is an encyclopedia scholar, archivist, local historian, public fi­gure. This year, Taras Pustovit is celebrating his 60th anniversary. The main ways of his life are considered, achievements in local history, archival affairs, encyclopaedia publishing, public activity are showed.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.5

Chumachenko Viktor Kyrylovych (1956–2017): life and scientific ways of the encyclopedist from Kuban

Anatolii Avramenko
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 55–74.
AbstractThe article is devoted to V. Chumachenko as the philologist (literary scientist), historian and encyclopedist. The author, based on his own experience in communicating with V. Chumachenko as the one of the most prominent russian experts in Ukrainian studies as well on some sources, presents interesting biographical facts, tells about the life and scientific priorities, the most important projects of him. The general condition of the Ukrainian ethnos in the Kuban, in particular its cultural status and prospects of development is described by presentation of V. Chumachenko life and scientific ways.
2017-12-17  |  Open access  |   https://doi.org/10.37068/evu.8-9.6

Kostiantyn Heorhiyovych Breslavets

Anatolii Shushkivskyi
The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine, 2017, vol. 8–9, pp. 75–79.
AbstractThe personological study is dedicated to Kostiantyn Breslavets who is the author of the articles of the Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine and coordinator of this work, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.